About us

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ARMS have been merchandising in Australia & New Zealand since 1984.

As part of the A. Royale Group of companies, we have decades of experience in Australian retail store environments. Our merchandising experience started in discount department stores and supermarkets, servicing small, Australian-based wholesalers.

Clients were referred to us by the large retail chains and growth came through referrals. This is still the case today. ARMS Merchandisers are familiar with a variety of retail channels and environments.

Our team regularly merchandise a number of retail channels including:

  • Supermarket
  • Discount department stores
  • General merchandise stores
  • Pharmacy
  • Convenience
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Arms Merchandising Services  headquartered is Sydney, Australia, with a strong national footprint in all states and New Zealand. We have more than 120 full-time/ part-time & casual associates, which allows us to staff up or down as large-scale projects and initiatives require.



General Manager of Arms Merchandising

General Manager of ARMS Merchandising Services, Ann Ryan, has given 25 years of service to our business.

Ann is supported by State Managers and Area Managers throughout Australia and New Zealand.

There are very few postcodes in Australia that we do not visit at least monthly; most are weekly or fortnightly.

ARMS Merchandising Services is proud of it’s track record in Australian retail.

Our success is built on the simple idea of always listening to our retail and wholesale partners and then working on how best to meet their needs. We ask lots of questions and are good listeners. We do not over promise but strive to solve problems.

Our job is to work with you to ensure that the in-store piece of the retail puzzle is executed smoothly and professionally.

Merchandising is the last step in the supply chain for most products.

Years of work and millions of dollars of product development and planning are ultimately affected by what happens in-store with fixtures, planograms, promotional tie-ups and point-of-sale.

We ensure your last step in this journey does not falter, but ensures your product and category is a resounding success for you and your retail partners.