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We are always looking for committed, mature and reliable individuals to join our team of merchandisers in Australia and New Zealand.

As soon as you have completed the from here it will be forwarded to our National Merchandise Manager. A copy will also go to the State and Area Managers that are closest to where you live.

The information is not shared with anyone outside ARMS and is kept safely and securely by us. We respect your privacy.

Please fill in as much detail as you can to help us assess your suitability. Don’t forget to attach your resume.

We have hundreds of professionals in our merchandising team. Many have been part of our team for 10, 15 and even 20 years. ARMS Merchandisers are industry professionals.

Our Merchandisers are skilled at working in busy and often demanding in-store environments performing a wide range of tasks.

We promise our retail partners and clients that we will listen carefully to their needs and then deliver exactly what we say we will, once we understand their requirements.

Our Merchandisers are carefully chosen for their ability to ensure we deliver on our promise.

Thank you again for applying for a role with us.