Merchandising services

Apothecary shop owner arranging bottles on shelf

ARMS delivers in-store merchandising services in every state and territory in Australia and in New Zealand.

We specialise in developing tailored merchandising services for our clients in every retail channel.

Our clients depend on us to reliably execute a wide range of tasks in-store, to report on what we see and do, and to be their partner at every step on the in-store retail journey. ARMS has been merchandising since 1989, and we are familiar with most retail operations in Australia.

Our team of merchandising professionals is central to our success. They are dedicated individuals, focused and well trained. We are able to offer a wide range of services to our wholesale and retail partners.


In order for your product to succeed on the shop floor you need to know what is going on. Our team of merchandisers are constantly gathering information about our clients products.

Out-of-stocks, store positioning issues, promotional tie-ups, stock-takes, inventory reconciliations. The list is endless.

Photos, video, reports are all available live or via daily/weekly reporting. You will have reports at the store level, with every call report including photographs or short videos. Electronic signatures will always be on the report.

Reports can be customised to ensure that what you receive from us is entirely relevant to your needs.

ARMS Merchandising Services ensure you will always enjoy full visibility of what is happening in-store and have the tools to act upon it.

New Arrivals
Retailer Programmes

ARMS Merchandising does not just partner with wholesalers. We have often been called on by national retailers to perform one-off tasks that require a team that can respond quickly and reliably.

An example of the tasks we have performed are product recalls, but sometimes tasks can be more challenging. On one occasion we were asked to clean 100,000 pairs of shoes that were mouldy and damp.

We have set up planograms in supermarkets and performed one-off stock-takes.

If you come to us with a problem, we have either seen it before, or can quickly work out how to deliver a solution.

ARMS Merchandising Services make managing extraordinary tasks easy for our retail partners.

For one off programmes that require time sensitive responses we provide:

  • a single point of contact
  • live reporting
  • daily progress reporting
  • photo evidence of any unresolved exceptions
  • operational excellence.
Store Layouts, Mapping & Fixture Management

If you are dealing with large multi-store retailers you may have a lot of fixtures or other equipment in-store. Over time it is easy to lose track of what you own in-store.

As store layouts change, your fixtures can be moved, key adjacencies lost or changed.

ARMS Merchandising Services can work with you to understand what is happening in-store, take stock of your equipment and where it is positioned on the shop floor. Our team is experienced at recording information about the equipment you have paid for, down to its item number and condition.

We scrutinise stores with an experienced eye, right down to the layout of a department within a store.

When you are working with retail buyers to drive higher volumes through improved layout, we are able to provide the source data you need to make better decisions around planogram and fixture management.

Our team are experienced at:

  • fixture repair
  • in-store space management
  • compliance reporting
  • equipment stock-takes.
Store Surveys

Most wholesalers would like to have a proper understanding of retailer store environments before pitching new ideas or concepts. That can be a challenge when there are many stores, sometimes numbering in the hundreds.

ARMS Merchandising Services is able to perform one-off store surveys for wholesale brands that want to properly understand what each store looks like.

Whether it is planograms, point-of-sale, adjacencies, out-of-stocks, competitor activity, or any other activity that may impact on your proposal, ARMS is able to survey in-store and report back.

Our surveys are not limited to brief reports. We can speak with in-store staff and, on a confidential basis, ask questions that will help you better understand the problems and opportunities that exist on the shop floor.

Retail is all about people and our people are experienced and motivated professionals. We can survey one or one thousand stores for you, reporting back in a timely manner.

Our reports are:

  • easy to read and digest
  • able to be manipulated, collated and shared
  • tailored to your precise needs.
Price & Competitor Activity

It can be difficult to keep track of competitive activity in-store. New competitors can appear at any time and regional ranging can make it difficult to keep track of what is happening at store level in your category.

Tools such as Aztec or Neilson are useful but notoriously blunt instruments. They may tell you what your market share is but not why it is moving up or down.

The answer is often right in front of you – in the store. You just need the eyes to see it.

ARMS Merchandising Services are experienced at working with you to find out what your competitors are doing in-store and to keep track of it. We can do this in as many stores and as frequently as you request.

ARMS stands ready to execute your plan to better understand the competition. We will do this by:

  • Price checks
  • Accurate and detailed store surveys
  • In-store promotional reviews
  • In-stock versus out-of-stocks for your product and the competitive set
  • Any other variable you nominate that impacts sales at store level.

From time-to-time you may want to deliver a new product to all stores at the same time and need a third party to warehouse it for you.

Or it may be that you have PDQ’s or Shelf Ready Trays that need to be delivered and set up in a time-sensitive manner. Sometimes there is expensive equipment involved, fixtures or point-of-sale.

How can this logistical nightmare be co-ordinated?

With us you can relax. ARMS Merchandising Services is experienced at roll-outs. We have done 100s,over three decades and we understand the complexities and how to deal with them.

We are able to provide warehousing services for short or long term periods.

This can make it easy for you to combine your inventory, point-of-sale and equipment under one roof, in a clean and controlled environment.

Using your carrier or ours, we are able to provide a one-stop delivery point for your programmes, and track everything from when it leaves our warehouse until it arrives in store.

On arrival an ARMS team member will be there to greet your stock and fixtures, unpack and check it. Once everything is in order, assemble the equipment and display the product according to the supplied planogram.

ARMS Merchandising Services remove the complexity and stress of new programme roll-outs from your team and report back based on pre-agreed metrics:

  • In-store delivery and receipt
  • Equipment set up and stock planogrammed
  • Asset registration and recording
  • Reduced transport costs through consolidation
  • Warehouse storage on a short or long-term basis
Fixture Installation

Retail in Australia and New Zealand is a lot more than sending products out to store and expecting store staff to put it on the shelf.

Suppliers and brand owners often have fixtures that need to be installed or PDQs to be erected.

Most store staff are not trained to do this and are overworked. This means that they don’t give enough time and attention to your fixture, display or promotional material.

ARMS Merchandising Services understand the time, care and expense that goes into your fixture design and manufacture. We understand and respect the passion, handwork, time and expense of launching new fixtures or promotional materials in-store.

Our team of merchandising professionals will ensure that everything goes as you would expect and if anything is out of order the problem is quickly brought to your attention and corrective action taken.

Our merchandise team is professional, smart and very resourceful. Broken equipment can be repaired and the issue recorded for your asset management.

ARMS Merchandisers can:

  • install new equipment or fixtures
  • assemble and display point-of-sale or promotional materials
  • Repair or replace damaged displays.