So what is it you do again?

We get asked this a lot. In essence we are your eyes and arms in-store. Whatever you need done in a store we can do, either as a one-off project or via regular merchandiser visits.

How do we get started with ARMS merchandising?

Please email us or call. Tell us as much as you can about your product and category and the retail channel you supply. There is a very high probability we are familiar with your channel and retail partners. We will then organise to meet you and listen carefully to your requirements. Once we understand your goals we record them and send them back to you to make sure we have understood you properly. The next step is meet your team in-store and detail what your merchandising requirements and product goals are.

How do I receive reports?

We usually email you reports daily or weekly. But, if you would like to receive live reports as soon as we have completed a store call, we can deliver this as well.

Can we do one-off projects?

Yes. We are often called on to perform one-off projects such as product recalls, stock-takes or point-of-sale installation. The possibilities are endless.

How long does it take to get started?

That depends on the scale, urgency and timeline of the project (e.g. new store roll-out).

Are there set up charges?

That depends on the project. For one-off projects there is usually a set up charge. For clients who work with us every day we usually do not issue set up charges.

How do you Invoice?

We can invoice on completion of the job, or weekly for large jobs.

Are all merchandise companies the same?

Yes and no.

All merchandise companies are selling time and labour in-store. If they are reputable then their staff are being paid the award wage and travel costs.

What makes ARMS Merchandising Services different is the care and attention our team pays to your product. If we have quoted a fixed mount to do a job but it takes a few minutes longer, our team finish it. We see it through.

It is impossible to adequately describe how proud we are of the ARMS merchandising team.

It s a tough job working in retail stores every day. The ARMS merchandising team understand how to execute in-store; efficiently and to plan.

We train our team on every new product category but what we can not instill is the professional approach our team bring to their work.

Our merchandisers are the bedrock of our business.

We care about our Merchandisers welfare, and in turn, they care about your product.

It sounds old fashioned but we are a family company, employing family oriented people.

Our philosophy is to look after our people as best we can and in turn they will look after your product.

Are my products covered by insurance in your warehouse?

Yes. We will ask you for the maximum value of your product and add it to our insurance policy. Relevant paper work will be supplied to you, so you have peace of mind that your assets are properly insured.

Do you offer long term warehouse solutions?

Yes. We can offer long term storage.

Through our related company, AR3PL we also offer pick, pack and dispatch services.

We are able to receive orders from your planner or email customers electronically and then send the orders to your retailers within 24 hours.

If you need assistance in planning or raising orders we recommend you contact our partner company www.krunchbox.com

Do I have an account manager or do I log issues though a portal or voicemail?

You will have one point of contact for all your merchandising issues or concerns. We do not use portals, voicemail or call centres.

What do I do when a retail buyer calls me to complain about something in-store?

It happens. You call and/or email us immediately. We will send some one in to investigate, often accompanied by an Area or State Manager. Then we fix the problem.

Are you ever unable to merchandise an individual store or location?

On occasion we may not be able to service an individual store. This is mostly in regional Australia although since the end of the mining boom the problem is not so acute. But people do leave ( our staff turn over is extremely low by industry standards ) or fall ill. We will usually be able to send an Area Manager or find a temporary replacement but should we be unable to service a store as we have agreed, we will immediately alert you. Every business gets bad news occasionally, and we prefer to bring any bad news early, but always with a solution.